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Million Dollar Consulting Convention: Review And Reflection

I recently (and I’ll admit, with great reluctance initially) attended an Alan Weiss Million Dollar Consulting Convention.


One of my clients, who is a MASTER at business development/relationship management, had raved about it and this seemed like an opportune time.

I am not a flashy guy; I don’t purchase big fancy cars or flash bling – the money I spend is based on different priorities – so I tend to cringe when I hear and see people flashing slides of themselves posed next to large, expensive consumer goods.

(I also have been told that I snore sometimes – so we all have things that others may not like, right?)

Having said all of this, I came away from this convention with my head spinning – yes, a lot of it was positioned in such a way that you feel overwhelmed in order to then ask the providers for help.  I understand that.

HOWEVER, it is indisputable that there is a ton of intellectual property at play in this forum – the concepts that I picked up (it took me a week to unpack my 16 pages of handwritten notes) and have subsequently distilled for my team were amazing.  Some of the items were stylistic (“How to secure testimonials” in a way that wasn’t obnoxious – thanks Alex Goldfayn) while others were substantive (“Articulating your service offering in a way that you can best secure the true value your business offers”).  I think my biggest takeaway was how important discipline is to the execution of a successful business.  Determining WHAT you need to do and then adhering to a schedule of WHEN and HOW is central to the success of any business and much of what was discussed seemed to orbit around this concept.

The conference was useful and we are excited to roll out our learnings to our client base to help them grow that much more in their business.  When we do our periodic sales pipeline reviews with our clients, they will get the benefit of this conference – properly digested and presented in a way to avoid head explosions and feelings of overwhelmedness.


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