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Making Time For Change

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One of the biggest concerns I hear from our clients (and prospective clients) is:

How am I going to be able to find the time necessary to engage with you and your company when I don’t already have enough time just to get the basics done in my business?

It’s a great question and probably the biggest hurdle we have to face in providing value to our clients. Let me not make this post become an ad for our service – we obviously do a great job dealing with this situation and providing tons of value AND a way out of this conundrum for our clients. But the question here is being answered for the folks who may be reading this and have wondered how they can even have the time to even read this post and think about these kinds of things. For these people, I have one word (and our clients struggling with time management hear this over and over): prioritization. But prioritization with a knife between your teeth and executed savagely. If you do nothing else or learn nothing else from this post, it’s the fact that you can’t do everything at the same time. You can’t have “Ten #1 priorities”; you have to pick what you are going to focus on and then have the discipline to put everything else aside until that one thing is done. What? No multi-tasking? C’mon; the truth is that if you try and do three things at the same time in parallel (versus three things in serial mode, one right after the other) it ends up taking you longer and you tend to not be able to do it as well as if you would have just gotten savagely focused and prioritized. Every day, focus on what needs to get done, prioritize it and you will (perhaps slowly, initially) find yourself getting some breathing room to the point that you can start thinking again instead of reacting.



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