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Learning From The Hens

We live in the middle of the city of Atlanta, and yes, we have half a dozen hens who provide us with an average of 35 eggs per week.

The adventure of raising chicks and caring for hens has been both entertaining and educational. One curious thing I learned from the hens is that when one of them lays an egg, she begins clucking an egg song. When the others hear the song, they immediately join in. The celebration continues for a minute or two with a distinctive cacophony of hen sounds not heard at any other time. I call it the hen “baby shower”. Every egg is celebrated by the whole group.

Pondering this phenomenon led me to realize how essential it is to celebrate our big and small victories. When any of our teammates or co-workers reach a goal, we should celebrate their victory. The celebration builds the team and defines the company culture. It’s so easy to dwell on the negative (“those darn chicken squawks!”) as well as look at every situation from a glass-half-empty perspective (“how come SHE always gets the juicy worms and I get stuck with the ivy leaves?”).

How we perceive and choose to interpret the day-to-day undergirds the whole company’s values. So find something to celebrate about someone today!


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