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Strategic Planning: How CSR Reimagined A Law Firm's Processes To Fuel Growth

Law Firm Experiences Complete Revamp

CSR's strategic planning methodology breathes new life into single-shingle firm, and enables founding and equity partner to achieve his dreams.

"CSR has really gotten my team excited about business development."

The Situation

  • The firm started with a solo practitioner and seven (mostly underperforming) 1099s. Because his inexperienced staff had been maintaining the firm’s finances, the systems were in complete disarray.

  • The firm was bursting at the seams in a rented space.

  • There was no budget, no revenue forecasts, and no accountability.

  • Sales efforts were sporadic, and much of the A/R was >90 days past due.

  • While one of the contractors had been identified as a possible equity partner, the head attorney didn’t have the time to get the transaction executed and the potential partner was preparing to leave.

Ongoing Strategies

  • Sourcing, hiring, and onboarding additional attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff.

  • Implementation of practice management and client relationship management software.

  • Increasing billable hours.

  • Implementing details from new strategic plan.

  • Strengthening marketing and sales efforts.

At A Glance

Total Revenue Projection


"The CSR pipeline tool has helped me follow up with existing clients, capture additional business, respond to new business requests, and maximize new revenue realization."
"The CSR team holds me accountable to the business development goals I’ve set."

- Managing Partner


What makes us different? We focus on organizational leaders AND their institutions.

We help you implement what we recommend. Our compensation model is tied to organizational success.


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