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It’s Too Much. I Give In.

As a small business owner, how many times have you thought this?

“There’s just no way I can continue to not only provide services but also do what’s necessary to grow – and that’s if there is no curveball that comes from out of the blue to upend my very delicately balanced applecart…”

I hear you and understand. There is an awesome book written by Doug Tatum called No Man’s Land that talks to a lot of these issues. For us at CSR, we have used it in our client work as well as in our own internal work and self-analysis.

Running your own business and deciding to grow it beyond a lifestyle business is not for the faint-hearted. I was recently reflecting on the ups and downs we’ve had over the past 13+ years, and all the times I have thought about tossing in the towel…and all the other times I thought I was invincible and had to worry about finding a big enough treasure room to hold all the money we were making!

The truth and reality are, as usual, somewhere in the middle (Aristotle, are you listening?).

Sit down, sort it out and figure out what you need to do. Yes, you can afford to take a day or half day to go and think. This is always an interesting time of the year for us as we engage with a lot of business owners who are winding down the year and finally have the time to think.

Let us know if we can help—life is short and you only have a limited amount of time. Make the best of it.


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