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It’s Not Too Late For Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are as popular as the statistics around how quickly people abandon them. A recent study found that the day people are most likely to quit their resolutions is January 19th – which means by the time you read this your resolution is but a memory. But resolutions don’t have to be year long, you can resolve to better yourself or try new things monthly, weekly or daily. 

With that newfound attitude, start fresh this month and focus on a new area of your professional development or business. Here are a few resolutions and resources to keep your year off to a running start. 

Network Like a Pro: There’s more to a successful networking event than a firm handshake. There are real logistics and tactics that can help you conquer your personal obstacles and network like a pro.

Read More and Learn More: We often look to our CSR bookshelf full of professional reads. Not only do we promote a healthy reading habit among our team, we frequently recommend books to our clients, too.

Get Organized: Juggling it all from work to family can be an ongoing struggle.  In this post we share a few tips to help balance life’s daily tasks and demands.

Take Vacation The Right Way: When you go away on vacation, really go away. This is a lesson we learned from a client and it’s worth repeating with each PTO schedule.

Looking for more ways to grow professionally and your business in 2020? We’d love to hear from you.


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