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Implementing Change: How CSR Helped A Law Firm Thrive With A Dynamic Management Overhaul

Law Firm Thriving After Change Management

CSR's strategic planning methodology breathes new life into single-shingle firm, and enables founding and equity partner to achieve his dreams.

"Their methodical approach to organizational structure and accountability was exactly what we needed. They challenged us and inspired us to keep thinking ‘what's next?’. "

The Situation

  • Partner dysfunction and misalignment

  • Unproductive employees

  • Lack of accountability in staff management

  • Lack of clarity regarding profitability

  • Lack of strategy to collect aged receivables

Ongoing Strategies

  • Bi-monthly face-to-face meetings where prior month’s work and plans are examined to evaluate success, financial results are reviewed, and future work is prioritized

  • Regular onsite work to drive achievement of strategic objectives identified in initial session

  • “All-you-can-eat” access via e-mail and phone

At A Glance

Total Revenue Projection


"The CSR team has been the catalyst in our growth and improvement. They helped our partners get aligned and shore up our team. They assisted in weeding out employees that had been underperforming for months and found us replacements that embody our firm's culture and vision. CSR's understanding of individual controls and assistance in developing useful tracking mechanisms to manage the fluid and routine areas of our business has been a game-changer."

- Lead Attorney


What makes us different? We focus on organizational leaders AND their institutions.

We help you implement what we recommend. Our compensation model is tied to organizational success.


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