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HOW In The World?

Our blog series on what makes CSR tick concludes with the way we go about serving our clients.  Simon Sinek’s TED talk tees up the “why” concept, and here is why CSR exists:  to create greater happiness and success for organizations and their leaders.  And the “what” we do follows: make our clients into higher-performing organizations that are better aligned to their leaders’ and stakeholders’ dreams.

But how in the world do we go about achieving our why and what?  CSR gets into the specifics of each client’s current strategic plan and then works from the inside to make meaningful and financially rewarding improvements to the business.  This requires passion, camaraderie, insightfulness, tenacity, versatility, and hard (hands-on) work, all of which are hallmarks of our approach.

Allow me to unpack a few elements of our “how.”  First, we have to be very intimate with a strategic plan – either because we have created it with the leader or by diving deep with them into their specific goals.  Second, we differentiate ourselves with the “from the inside” position.  We don’t tiptoe on the perimeter and peek in to toss suggestions; our sleeves are rolled up with the client’s leadership team working together.  Third, we ensure that our activities will yield improvements to the business that can be measured in financial terms.  And those hallmarks of our approach aren’t just nice words on a poster.  They truly are the ways in which we operate.


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