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How a multi-site medical practice achieved 15x ROI

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, know us or work with us, you know that we are not like other management consulting firms. We don’t offer recommendations without solutions, suggestions without execution or ideas without results. We work alongside our clients to implement what we recommend. To show you what this looks like, keep reading for our most recent case study.

A multi-generational medical practice came to us in need of direction and growth upon passing the torch to a new Managing Partner. In their current state, they were experiencing uneven growth with only a few of their providers responsible for the majority of the revenue. With uneven growth, reactive human resource decisions were made by necessity rather than proactive recruitment practices and there were a number of “#1 priorities” with no clear method to prioritize.

Without clear priorities on the client side, we started the engagement by prioritizing strategic objectives and accountability in the practice. Over the course of the engagement, we’ve had monthly face-to-face meetings to review the practice’s prior month’s work, evaluate success and prioritize future work. We’ve worked on site with the team to continue to drive achievement of the same strategic objectives outlined in that initial setting. Lastly, we’ve implemented an “all-you-can-eat” access policy for the client to contact us via email and phone to ensure they have the sounding board they needed. As we enter our second year of service, our client has achieved 15x return on their investment – which is 1.3M revenue growth.

“CSR has helped to solidify our company culture, and they have been the guiding force behind our strategic growth. With their help, we’ve seen important positive results on our top and bottom lines that exceed the goals that we jointly developed with CSR at the beginning of the year. From hires and partnerships to new procedures and service offerings, their team has been there to help us think about how to effectively make decisions and to ensure they are successful. They keep us accountable with our action items and make themselves available as a sounding board whenever we need one. CSR is worth their weight in gold!”

Want to see the full case study? Download it here.

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