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Hispanic Heritage Month At CSR

If you’ve ever read our origin story, you’ll know that CSR started way back in 2002 when Alex discovered that the approaches and methodologies he had honed in Corporate America could be applied in the most unlikely of settings: a tamale factory.

That’s right, the very same path that Alex has taken dozens of clients on was first developed to bring thousands of delicious, pre-packaged tamales to area stores such as Kroger and Whole Foods. 

As Hispanic Heritage month winds down, we thought we’d take a look at another source of inspiration behind CSR, namely, Alex’s father. Max Muñoz was a Georgia Tech co-op engineering student (i.e., he would work three months in Cuba and then go to school three months at Tech) when Fidel Castro’s communist takeover of Cuba forced him to remain in the United States with his wife, Livia. If he had returned to Cuba, he would not have been able to return to Atlanta to complete his degree in Ceramic Engineering and would have been forced to stay.  Despite the challenges of starting over in a new country, Max finished his studies at Georgia Tech and went on to start his own business, which transformed industrial hazardous waste from the Atlantic Steel Mill (located on the site of Atlantic Station) into a component of the  chemical fertilizer process. Max’s company could take this hazardous waste and instead of burying it (or paying to dispose of it), transform it into fertilizer that could return micronutrients to the soil.  An innovator who was “green” before it was cool, Max had the vision and brilliance to come up with a truly unique process, but he struggled with the business side of his company. 

Alex noticed that many service firms were led by professionals who, like his father, are excellent at their craft, but would benefit from outside help to reach their full potential as a business (or, in some cases, remain viable as a business entity).  CSR works to help small business owners like Max Muñoz by defining their mission and strategizing how to achieve their vision.  This process could include streamlining operations, defining the specific edge and ideal client, recruiting new employees, or tweaking the business plan.  With the help of CSR’s Path to Results, business owners are free to focus on their passion and continue doing what they love while achieving their goals. 

Could your business benefit from expert assistance? Drop us a line and learn more about the ways CSR can revolutionize your business.


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