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Go Slow To Go Fast

Moving quickly is the hallmark of a great company, right?!

Strike while the iron is hot. Be the first to market. Grab up the best candidates. Beat your competitors to the punch. Moving slowly is for laggards. Slow-movers are staring at others’ backsides, aren’t they?

If all of the above is true, why would CSR ever advise clients to go slow to go fast? We’re all about helping our clients realize their growth goals and achieve greater happiness and satisfaction for shareholders. So what’s with this “take it slow” approach?

Lessons Learned

Over our many years of working with clients, we have heard those tales of woe associated with hasty actions.

Clients will share regrettable hires, pricing actions that backfired, product or service launches that badly missed the mark, integrations that stumbled along producing terrible employee morale in their wake, and the list goes on. Clients don’t want to repeat those mistakes and long for processes that solidify successes.

Consulting Tools

CSR deploys several tools to ensure that clients build a solid foundation and can then move quickly – and confidently. For example, when helping clients expand their team, we slow down to look at a visionary org chart, ensure anticipated compensation will work well, create a job posting that will benefit all parties, plan for casting a wide net, and ensure a detailed onboarding plan is waiting in the wings.

Another area where our strategic planning really shines is when clients are wrestling with big company decisions. We put the brakes on rash decisions in favor of methodical matrices that incorporate the clients’ most important criteria and bookend decisions that are being contemplated with worst and best-case scenarios that bring to light critical events and outcomes.

Let Us Walk Slowly With You

CSR likes to move just as quickly as the next guy. But we really love to move without regrets and with certainty knowing that we have planned well. If your company is suffering from speedy decisions gone wrong or you’re embarking on a significant change, it would be our honor and pleasure to thoughtfully get you on the right track.

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