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FINALLY! A chance to catch up.

It’s a leap year, right?  Another day available to throw at that black hole of “stuff” that keeps gnawing away at you, right?

Sorry; an extra day every 4 years isn’t going to make an appreciable dent into your backlog.  For example, I have a friend who runs a non-profit.  She has (really!) over 20,000 unread emails.

An extra day isn’t going to do much to address that – there are other things that are more basic and foundational.

This week, with the extra day at the end of the week waiting for you, embrace these three truly transformational things that can have an impact that far exceeds your “extra day”:

  1. Remember why you are doing what you’re doing: recall the concept of memento mori and think about, on your death bed, what would you really have wanted to have done in your life.  I hope it’s not cleaning out your email inbox.

  2. Remember for whom you are doing what you’re doing: Is it for you?  Your spouse?  Your family?  Does the person in question actually want/need you to be venting your spleen like you’re doing?

  3. Think about how long you want to do this: It’s just work – don’t forget to live.

Use that extra day in good health and come out of it differently; maybe the next Leap Year day you can look back at 2020 and be grateful…


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