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Back To School With DiSC

It’s August, and kids are headed back to school!  Supplies are being bought, and classes and activities are being scheduled.  For kids, this prep can be met with excitement, lots of thought and planning, but it may also be stressful or overwhelming.  As adults, we may have had the opportunity to undergo a behavioral assessment (e.g. Everything DiSC, Meyers-Briggs, True Colors) in the workplace or as part of a professional development program.  But the “wiring” these assessments illuminate is largely innate.  Parents, as you help your kids get ready for a new school year, look for the behaviors that can help you support their personal styles.

  1. Are they more fast-paced and outspoken OR more cautious and reflective?

  2. Are they more questioning and skeptical OR more accepting and warm?

If your son or daughter is fast paced and outspoken AND questioning and skeptical, they may have a Dominance (D) profile.  A D sees the big picture and is eager for a challenge.  They get straight to the point and are prime candidates for the debate team.  While D’s are often confident and wired for getting results, they may need your support in identifying allies and partners in meeting their goals and laying out the details of a plan of action.

If your son or daughter is fast-paced and outspoken AND accepting and warm, they may have an Influence (I) profileInfluencers are naturally persuasive, connecting with peers and building relationships easily.  Yours may be enthusiastically plotting their Student Council President campaign as you read this.  An I profile puts people first but may need help focusing on the tasks at hand.  They may also lean on you as a collaborator, talking through scenarios and strategies.If your son or daughter is cautious and reflective AND accepting and warm, they may have a Steadiness (S) Profile.  Their sincerity and dependability are admirable, and their calm, supportive demeanor may lend itself to a role in a peer counseling organization or mentoring younger students.  S’s, however, may need an occasional “push” to take risks or to adopt a stance they fear may be unpopular.

If your son or daughter is cautious and reflective AND questioning and skeptical, they may have a Conscientiousness (C) profile.   C’s are concerned with quality and accuracy.  Competency is of paramount importance.  They seek details and make objective assessments of data.  A C profile would be comfortable strategizing with the Chess Team or designing offensive schemes for the football team.  While independent and analytical, they often fear being wrong.  Parents may see hesitation until these students are sure of the correct answer.

We hope the school year is a great one for your family!  As a DiSC Authorized Partner, CSR can assist you with Everything DiSC assessments, group education/training, and individual coaching.  Contact Betsy Wallace at for more information.


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