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Back To School With CSR

If you have been a follower of our blogs for some time now (What?  You haven’t been?  Shame on you!  Check out our past back-to-school blog here), you know it’s that time of the year where we start talking about changing direction, re-engagement, putting away of things/picking up of things, etc.

Summer is over and we’re back in school.

You’re not in school anymore, you say?  Perhaps, but most folks tend to slow down in the summer.  They (or their staff) will use this time for time off, diminished energy (after all, either their team or their clients aren’t around) and other reasons.  The fact of the matter is that this is healthy and normal – people need to ease off sometimes, re-charge their batteries, and get ready for the second half.

That’s now.

Most of the economy is humming along busily right now and complacence can sneak up on you – after all, sales are great, everyone is making money, unemployment is low, and profits are up.  Exactly – complacence!

Much like the best time to look for money (or a job or a house or a..) is when you don’t need it, NOW is the time to make sure that you are locked and loaded on your plan for the second half of the year.  Make sure that you have the following in place and ready to go:

  1. Strategy (time for a session to develop your strategy?)

  2. Marketing (time for a session to fine-tune who and what you are after?)

  3. Sales (do you have not only enough but the right kinds?  Is your team primed and ready to go?)

  4. Staffing & HR (what does your team look like?  Any holes?)

  5. Operations (is your delivery mechanism in alignment with your strategy?)

  6. Financial/Administration (do you run your business by the numbers?)

  7. Systems and IT (do you take advantage of the benefit that systems – electronic as well as human – provide?)

Let’s talk – we recently rolled out a “Lunch and a Consult” service offering that can give you a quick read over lunch.



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