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Remodeling: How CSR Refocused A Housing Lender To Enhance And Fulfill Its Impact

Housing Lender Case Study

Affordable housing nonprofit enhances its mission impact through CSR’s strategic planning process.

"The process didn’t have fluff and got down to business."

The Situation

  • An understaffed and undertrained workforce

  • An unfocused approach for implementing the mission, and limited delivery of services

  • Lack of awareness and agreement on the organization’s core competencies

  • Multiple consecutive years of significant financial losses

  • Limited fundraising opportunities in the service area and an inability to tap resources that were there

  • Limited community awareness of the organization and its mission

  • A lack of consensus over the scope of the organization’s service area

Ongoing Strategies

  • Refocus the organization’s efforts on four core lines of business

  • Develop partnerships for greater efficiency, increased production, and increased impact

  • Improve programmatic infrastructure and production, with an emphasis on the organization’s core lines of business

  • Increase and diversify contributed revenue generation and resource development efforts

  • Increase the visibility of the organization’s services and impact in the region, and diversify its audiences and customer base

  • Strengthen staff and board capacity, including robust recruitment, onboarding, and development opportunities

  • Clearly define and reach consensus on the geographic area the organization’s mission will impact

At A Glance

Total Revenue Projection


"CSR has a really good process which fits our needs The retreat was really useful for helping the board and staff address substantive topics that needed to be covered.

- President, Affordable Housing Nonprofit


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