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Addressing Our Most FAQ: “What Comes Next?”

“That was a great strategic planning session – now what happens?”

I get this a lot.

Our clients finally take the plunge, have a great strategy session with us, we hit it off, and have presented the plan.  As we tell all of our clients, you can now do one of two things:

1)    Take the plan and implement on your own, or

2)    We go arm and arm and implement it together.

The vast majority of our clients pick #2 (which makes sense – they already have full-time jobs; how the heck are they going to now take on another (at least part-time) job?).  I love that – working to get this plan implemented hits close to home for us and Why We Exist: To created greater happiness for organizations and their leaders.  I know that they aren’t going to hit their happiness and wealth goals if they don’t implement this plan.

So what gets included in this next aspect of our service offering?  It depends – it’ll always be on a flat fee, monthly retainer (no hourly fees so you aren’t looking at your watch and wondering how long interactions with CSR are costing you), and it can vary based on how involved we get with you.  Regardless, we will always include in every engagement some aspect (greater or less) of the four pillars we have determined are essential for any company’s success:

  1. Implementation of a prioritized list of strategic objectives from the strategic plan;

  2. Development of the ideal client profile, creation of the sales pipeline, and accountability in the business development process;

  3. Implementation of money management objectives;

  4. Implementation of people management objectives.

Wrapping the above in a package of accountability via formal, biweekly face-to-face meetings rounds it out and creates a service offering that the right client (a fit for our ideal client profile!) will appreciate and experience radical, positive, change in their business and life.

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