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6 Pillars Of Physical Wellbeing

Business owners put a great deal of effort into their firms’ operations and it’s frequently at the cost of their own health. Why does burning the midnight oil mentally affect us physically? A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Chase for Business Conference and heard Dr. Deepak Chopra speak about why this happens. He shared his 6 Pillars of Physical Wellbeing.

These 6 Pillars of Physical Wellbeing identified by Chopra are ways we can optimize our wellbeing and prevent adverse health conditions later.

  1. Sleep: Perpetual sleep deprivation can cause a weakened immune system, chronic inflammation, and disrupted hormone levels. Try eating a lighter dinner, going for a walk, and downloading your thoughts into a journal to minimize “keep awakes.”

  2. Meditation: A recent study at the Chopra Center found that after a few days of meditation, participants experienced a double to triple suppression of gene activity associated with viral infections. Take a couple of 2 to 5-minute timeouts throughout the day and simply focus on your breathing.

  3. Movement: Our bodies were made to move. Not only does movement keep your muscles happy, it keeps your brain happy. If you can’t find the time to make it to the gym, schedule a walking meeting with your co-workers or clients.

  4. Emotions: Unhealthy emotions like anxiety and fear cause our brains to emit adrenaline, cortisol, and other stress hormones that can cause chronic inflammation while healthy emotions like love, joy, gratitude, and peace promote self-regulation and self-healing. Make sure you’re finding time, even if it’s a little bit, each day engaging in activities that fill you with healthy emotions.

  5. Nourishment: No surprise that fatty, processed foods are bad for you and that fresh, whole foods are good for you. Each bite is a choice and you literally are what you eat.

  6. Biological Rhythms: Chopra refers to circadian rhythms, seasonal rhythms, lunar rhythms, and tidal rhythms. Take a barefoot walk on the grass or the beach, especially after you travel, to reconnect and reset.

While we all know that sleep and nourishment are important to wellbeing, this full list shows that there are a number of factors that can contribute to wellbeing.

In the words of Virgil, “The greatest wealth is health.” Take care of yourself, take care of your business.


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