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5 Posts For Summer Reading

We’ve reached the unofficial halfway point of summer with the Fourth of July behind us. As a student, it was the point in the summer when you realized you were behind on summer reading if you hadn’t started yet. For businesses, it means employees are still in-and-out of the office on vacation and the slower summer pace is in full swing. Whether your summer vacation is behind you or still on the horizon, we’ve rounded up some tips and takeaways from past blog posts to get in your summer reading.

When You Go Away, Really Go Away: In this post, we share some wisdom from a CSR client on the right way to vacation. Avoid the temptation to stay online during vacation and experience the benefits (for you and your team), of really going away this summer.

3 Ways to Recharge Throughout the Day: If summer vacation is already behind you and you’re finding the afternoon slump sets in at noon instead of 3pm, these tips will help you recharge to power through tasks.

Clean Up Your Digital Clutter: In this post, we share tips to tackle your digital marketing clutter in no time. Take the extra time this summer to “clean the house” so it’s ready for new clients the second half of the year.

Saying “Yes” to “No”: Ground yourself this summer in your ideal client profile to have a better focus for the second half of the year. Read how a CSR client has had positive results from saying “no thanks” to opportunities.

Team Building: Whether it’s a team service activity to give back, or a kickball game at the park to promote friendly competition, plan some time to enjoy relationships with your team outside of the office this summer.

Want more ways to drive your business forward this summer? We’d love to hear from you.


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