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3 Things You Should Do – Now.

At CSR, we will meet our clients where they are; sometimes that means that we will wait for the back-to-school time to appeal to their sense of getting things back in gear and re-starting. We have a few of those times in a given year and end-of-year/beginning-of-the-new-year is another one. We have been assiduous at putting out messages that talk to all of those types of messages that would be attractive to folks that want to hear that message.

This blog isn’t about that.

Regardless of where you are (or aren’t) in the buying process, please consider getting these three things done before the end of the month:

  1. Performance feedback: take care of your people – really.  If you don’t, someone else will (i.e., they’ll leave).  A key way of doing this is sitting down with them in a structured, periodic basis and tell them (get ready!) how they’re doing, what you like about what they do, and things they can do to improve.

  2. Get serious about sales: what’s that?  You’re overwhelmed with orders/business?  No one “has time” to get to get new business/clients because they need to focus on what’s in front of them?  Great problem!  Guess what – if you don’t dedicate time to getting more sales while you’re busy, you’ll work through your backlog and discover…you need more clients/business.  Like a job, getting a loan, etc., the time to look is when you DON’T need the item in question.

  3. Recruitment: I have mixed feelings about my time with CapitalOne in the early 90’s but one thing that I am eternally grateful to them for is the focus on ongoing, proactive recruitment.  Don’t wait – make it a priority to spend no less than 4% of your week recruiting.  Take your pick: networking, placing ads, going to schools, whatever – the point is that the benefits from always looking outweigh the hassle of spending a couple of hours each week telling people about your business, learning about what’s going on, building your bench, etc.

Happy New Year!


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