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Elayna Toby Singer

Elayna Toby Singer

Nonprofit Consultant

Elayna Toby Singer is a charismatic cross-disciplinary creative catalyst known for designing educational artistic places and experiences that engage diverse stakeholders with natural and built environments to promote personal, community and planetary health.

For nearly 20 years as Palm Beach County’s Art in Public Places Director Elayna has collaborated with artists, architects, landscape architects, engineers, contractors, countywide leaders, and community members to transform public plazas, buildings, streetscapes, and public gardens into “Art Places” that improve sense of place, community pride and quality of life. A teaching artist, she works at the intersection of environmentalism, multiculturalism, and well-being. Her career in creative placemaking began in public gardens where for 15 years she led strategic & master planning and created landscapes, exhibitions, and experiences to connect visitors in the science, artistry, and multicultural uses of plants.

She is currently Chair of the Design & Planning Community for the American Public Gardens Association and serves on the Florida Association of Public Art Professionals Board.

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