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‘Tis The Season For Business Gifts

Welcome to another issue of CSR’s gift giving primer, and we trust you’ll find some unique and creative suggestions in here to delight your team members this holiday season.  Last year’s post was focused on gifts for clients and employees, and there are still plenty of valid, sure-to-be-appreciated ideas there.  But this year, we did a little crowdsourcing in our networks to pose this question, “What’s the best (most thoughtful, appreciated, meaningful) gift that you ever received from a boss or colleague?”  Here are a few of our favorite responses:

  1. Spa gift card

  2. A small piece of artwork that represented the recipient’s work

  3. A monthly wine club—two fabulous bottles shipped every month for a year

  4. Another friend received one thing for her mind, one thing for her body, and one thing for her soul. It was an extremely thoughtful gift that covered the most important aspects of her person.

  5. An extra vacation day donated to each employee to use as they wish

  6. A book of quotes with a heartfelt inscription about how they apply to the recipient

  7. A small monogrammed cooler (anything monogrammed has that extra special touch)

  8. Housecleaning services

  9. Champagne flutes for ringing in the new year or toasting future successes

  10. Cash—never goes out of style, always useful and appreciated

Last, but not least, were the quirky gifts that friends said they will never forget:  one was a stuffed hamster Christmas ornament, and the other received a can of tuna.  Still waiting on the back story about the can of tuna, but it makes her smile and remember.

Truly, it’s the thought that counts.  May your holidays be full of happy memories and generous gestures!


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