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Taking Time Off: El Camarón Dormido Se Lo Lleva La Corriente

For you non-Spanish speakers out there that are going to Google Translate the title of this post, don’t.

It will come back as “Shrimp Asleep takes him Stream.” If translated less literally, it’s actually “A sleeping shrimp is swept away by the current.”

However, that’s not what it means.

What it means is, basically, “You Snooze, You Lose.”

Okay, great, we got that straightened out – but what does it have to do with taking time off?  Isn’t the moral of the story the antithesis of taking time off?

Au contraire mon frere!

CSR’s clients get sick of hearing us preach to them “You’ve gotta take time off – that is going to make you be sharper, more pleasant to be around, creative, etc.”  We also pound them on balance – the net message is that when it’s time to be on, be on.  When it’s time to be off, for God’s sake, take some time off!

Take that vacation.


Get your head back together, and then come back ready to attack the world.

We at CSR are taking days here and there these months; we are in the midst of a BUNCH of stuff, but we have to eat our own cooking, right?

Otherwise, that current may just sweep us away…


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