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We recently referred to a great TED talk by Simon Sinek and introduced the “why” that grounds CSR:  to create greater happiness and success for organizations and their leaders.  The reason that CSR is in business is applicable to each and every one of our clients, and it drives our daily activities.

But it’s “what” we do that makes our “why” possible.  WHAT CSR does is make our clients into higher-performing organizations that are better aligned to their leaders’ and stakeholders’ dreams.  We wrestled our “what” statement quite a bit before pinning it to the mat and declaring it suitable for everyday consumption.  So if I may pick out a few key words and phrases . . .

First of all, there’s that “make” word.  We like the simplicity, hard work and pushiness behind transforming something or someone into a much better state.  At CSR, we don’t shy away from the roll-up-our-sleeves efforts and slogging through the activities required in dream realization.  Second, we focus on higher performance.  The only way to demonstrate that is by taking a baseline on all important metrics and ensuring our clients see their measurable improvements update after update.

And the most important element of our WHAT is dream alignment.  Are our quarterly priorities directly impacting clients’ dream goals?  Are our clients firmly rooted in their missions, vision, and values so that they see the clear connection of what we’re working on together?  We know at CSR that our WHAT can make all the difference.


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