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Less Professionalism and More Personalism: Establishing a Critical Connection to Your Teams and Empl

As the national discussion turns towards reopening the economy, many of us are still grappling with the unprecedented disruption to  our personal lives and the negative effect the coronavirus pandemic has had on the economy . That we have collectively endured these last few months is a credit to our resilience. However, reopening will not be a simple case of “back to business as usual”. We will need to establish a new normal, and how we lead during this critical time will determine our fate and the long-term impact of the current disruption on our business and our lives. The choices we make now will result in companies that come out of this better and stronger or worse and weaker. 

People are fearful – personally and professionally. Personally, we fear that our family members or loved ones will fall ill, that our jobs are in jeopardy, that investments for our future are at risk. Professionally, working capital is tight, and there’s a philosophy of cautious austerity. While some have already adjusted to working with fewer people, others have fought to stay intact and keep their people in place. Whether future measures include a thinning of the workforce or are simply new policies designed to run leaner in the aftermath, chances are good that employee morale will be the big loser. 

But what if there was a way to energize your workplace? What if there is a way to show your employees that you truly value them in a time where most have been shaken to the core? What if you had the opportunity to not only weather this storm but also reset the company culture? You can dramatically differentiate your workplace from your competitors by developing a people-centered program now.  By operating from a place of caring and compassion –less professionalism and more personalism– your business will stand out;  invest in the individual, and your company will reap the rewards with increased productivity, improved morale, and individual loyalty. 

As teams navigate collaboration in a wholly virtual environment, the rules of engagement have changed. The information we typically process in-person from the verbal cues or the body language of a colleague are harder to read in a videoconference or conference call environment. They are even more difficult to read via email. Awareness of your own work style/behavioral profile and generational influences and motivators as well as those of your colleagues is more critical than ever. CSR now offers a behavioral assessment, education, and coaching product to improve your organizational health and, ultimately, your bottom line. Designed to improve team and individual performance, build employee morale, and competitively differentiate your company, it puts people before process for RESULTS. All services can be provided virtually. Contact us today if you’re ready to reap the rewards that come from putting your team first.       

By Robert Marshall and Betsy Wallace

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