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Lent For A Small Business

Lent!  Time to take things seriously.  Interestingly enough, it seems to be the season for planning. Whether Christian or not, many go into “planning mode” during this time of the year.  Some (either for faith-based commitments or because spring break is coming up) modify their schedules.

If we naturally do this at certain periods of the year such as Lent, when and how often do we do this for our business?  And when we do this how strategic is it really?

After all, the first quarter is almost over.  This is a great moment to take a step back and analyze the progress achieved this year thus far.  Is it tracking to our annual project plan, which in turn forms part of our 5-year strategic plan?  It’s important to use these tools as you strive to eat a huge chunk of your cake, i.e. your ultimate goals.  If you try to eat it all at the same time you will probably get indigestion–i.e. burn out, or fail. If you nibble at it constantly you will enjoy it and eventually eat that huge chunk.

A Lenten tradition is to make a resolution, whether giving something up or committing to doing something.  How about you commit to working on your strategic plan? Or commit to scheduling time each week to think strategically instead of to be driven by the “tyranny of the urgent.” Lent isn’t over yet.  Here at CSR, we review and update our strategic plan every quarter.  Yes, we do eat our own cooking–and we enjoy it!

What are you doing for Lent?


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