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Goodbye Astrid, Hello Wunderlist

“Astrid Winding Down”

This e-mail title sent me scrambling to find a to-do app that would offer all of the features I had come to love about that pesky little octopus who would pop up on my phone screen and remind me to do priority tasks.  With the help of our intrepid CSR analyst, Rosi, and guided by the very helpful list of alternatives provided by the folks at Astrid in their e-mail, I tried out several options including Any.Do, Wrike, Wunderlist, and Google Tasks.  My hope was that Google Tasks would have evolved enough to meet my features requirements.  After trying it briefly and really wanting it to work (I usually love all things Google), I realized it was not for me.

In order to be truly functional for me, I needed to be able to both e-mail and type in tasks straight into my phone, tablet, and laptop. Repeating tasks was also on my must-have list.  

Wunderlist won on both features and ease of use.  The Astrid team made it wonderfully easy to download my myriad accumulated to-dos including the repeating ones.  When I imported them into Wunderlist (again very user-friendly), I only had to tweak a couple of items.  The transfer was almost seamless.  The only thing missing from Wunderlist is a Chrome widget.

Good-bye, my pink octopus, and hello Wunderlist.

~María Rosa~


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