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Get Noticed With These LinkedIn Profile Updates

With more than 467 million users, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking social network. Its mission is to connect the world’s professionals and make them more productive and successful. But how do you connect in a network of nearly 500 million people? Start with a solid foundation: your profile.

Cari Twitchell’s article discusses LinkedIn’s recent updates and frequently overlooked features that can help you make the best of your profile. Recommendations include:

Pick a professional photo. LinkedIn is no place for a selfie. You should present yourself in your profile photo similar to how you would in a client meeting. Use a professional headshot that is cropped appropriately with a high resolution. LinkedIn has also added a background photo, similar to Facebook’s cover photo, which allows users to personalize their profile even more.

Make your headline engaging. Your headline will default to your current job title, but it isn’t necessarily the optimal way to attract new opportunities. Instead, use your headline to specifically identify what you do and what opportunities you are interested in. Make sure to consider what potential connections are searching for.

Create a custom URL. The default LinkedIn URL for your profile will be your name and a series of numbers, for example, but LinkedIn now allows its users to customize their URL. This allows them the opportunity to make a simplified URL that’s easier to share, like This presents another opportunity for you to brand your content.


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