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Finding Your Specific Edge

What makes you unique? Soft ball question, right? It’s a question we all know. However, very few of us are actually good at telling others what it is. This is a sad truth, and yet, it’s understandable. To have a solid grasp of what it is that makes you stand out takes time and effort—something we have little of in this digital age. We would need to explore our histories and our experiences, and put our passions into words. Doing this isn’t difficult per se, we simply have to want to do it… “So, why is this important? Am I missing some hidden value here?,” you might be asking.

This definition of what you stand for is what differentiates you from your peers. It’s what Mike Wien, an expert on brand management, calls your “Specific Edge.” Once you’ve defined this unique set of qualities, and embraced its value, it’ll provide meaning to everything that you do and frame how other people see you. It can be the key factor that convinces your customer to buy from you, rather than your competitor.

Defining your Specific Edge is the foundation for your personal mission statement. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is it that I should be doing?” or “Why do I do what I do?”, this set of values will give you the answers. It provides clarity. And even better, no one else can copy your specific edge. It’s tailored to you, and only you. This aura of specialization will draw people to you, and you can create value for them. Your colleagues, your customers, and your friends will come to admire you for it.

To learn more about Mike Wien’s view on this subject, visit You can also find his book, The Specific Edge, on


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