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3 Ways To Recharge Throughout the Day

We’ve been sharing tips to be more productive and stay organized, but maxing out our task lists every day can be a recipe for burnout without some recharge balance.

Studies show that the brain alternates between periods of high frequency and low frequency, with our peaks lasting 90-minute cycles. If you have some head-down work needing your peak brain performance, reminding yourself to take a break after 90 minutes will not only help you avoid sluggishness, but could lead to better work.

Here are a few ways to recharge between your 90-minute work cycles.

Get moving. A great way to shift your focus when you start to feel sluggish is to simply get up from your desk. A 3-minute walk in the office or outside the building gives your brain a break from mental performance, and has health benefits for the body as well.

Be creative. When you start to feel the afternoon slump, insert a little creativity into your day. You can turn on some music while you knock out small tasks, read a blog or chapter of a book, doodle or write.

Chat offline. In our digital world where we G-chat or Slack the person sitting next to us, it can be easy to get sucked into our computer screens. While you don’t want to interrupt someone that is hammering away in their 90 minutes, water cooler conversations in the office give your brain a welcome break from work.

Have some more ways to recharge? We’d love to hear from you!


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