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CSR has been working for the last 20 years to bring customized solutions to help Law Firms all over the country address their  challenges and seize opportunities.

We exist to create greater happiness & success for Law Firms and their partners.

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Meet The Law Firm Team

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Vasu is a JD graduate from American University and has a proven track record in litigation and law firm management consulting for clients in Real Estate, Insurance, and Employment Benefits, among others.

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Francisco is an LLM graduate from George Washington University, and has worked as general counsel and special consultant for companies in the US and Latin America.

Practicing law is not a skill that you just learn. It is not a trade you can just apprentice in or learn from your co-workers or something you just read about in a couple of books. It is not even something you can achieve just because you made a life decision to attend law school.




To practice law, you need to have done all that, and more. And you need to do it being certain that the journey that you started is a journey you will stay on, to build something, to create something.....

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Managing Partner

"The CSR team laid the operational groundwork/plan (and actually executed; very different from other “operational consultants” and/or COOs) in a way that helped us more than double revenue and profitability in a very short period of time. "


"There are two benefits to having the CSR team implement the strategic plan. First, there are things they are just better and faster at doing than lawyers, and fitting those tasks within the attorneys' priorities is difficult. Second, they hold the attorneys accountable for their portion. The CSR team does a good job of tracking commitments and gently guilting those who don't keep up. "

Managing Partner/Owner

"We have been working with CSR since the start of this year and have had a great experience with them.  CSR is a business strategy consultancy focused on professional service firms, and I think your firm would benefit from talking to them. We have been consulting with them to help us determine the direction of all aspects of our practice moving forward.  I highly recommend CSR."