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We Show Entrepreneurs How to Build a Stable Foundation for Their New Business

Fast Forward is a live, interactive, virtual bootcamp that teaches early-stage entrepreneurs how to build a strong foundation for their new businesses. Over two days of courses (7 total hours of class time), Fast Forward walks you through everything a new entrepreneur needs to launch their business.

Topics Discussed Include

  • Establishing your Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Crafting your business plan

  • Setting a pricing strategy

  • Defining your ideal client profile and a plan for marketing to them

  • Developing a plan for organizational growth

  • Building processes to systematize your brand promise


Our Solution

Conclude the program with a one hour, one-on-one coaching session with an experienced Business Consultant who will review your business plan and provide guidance. 


If you have been sitting on your genius business idea, and you are ready to turn it into a reality, Fast Forward will help you get off to the right start - and save yourself headaches down the road!


Dates: May 10 & 11, 2023, 11am - 2:30pm ET 

Format: Virtual (Google Meet)

Complete the registration screening below, and someone from our team will contact you.

Cost: $1,299

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