This is what tends to happen to us as business owners


Our emotional attachment to our company, processes, products,
staff, etc. might not allow us to see the opportunities for


Even if we do see them, being immersed in our company’s daily
activities makes it hard to pinpoint what is not going right and why.


And even if we know something is not right, it can be hard to
prioritize and act accordingly.

That's where CSR comes in.

Our team provides new, experienced eyes on your business, and delivers a fully objective analysis. We suggest new routes and strategies aligned with your ultimate goal, and rapidly
implement them for guaranteed results.


Our Solution

We accelerate growth by achieving strategically-driven results for small and medium companies.

We are a business strategy consultancy that enables top and bottom line growth for small and medium enterprises. Our team of subject matter experts works directly with managing partners. We get into the specifics of each client’s current strategic plan and then work ‘from the inside’ to make meaningful and financially rewarding improvements. We collaborate and define the firm’s mission, vision, and values and then actively use them as the guardrails for strategic decision making. Our goal is to make our clients into higher-performing businesses that are better aligned to their owners’/stakeholders’ dreams.

Areas of Focus

We implement what we recommend, always focusing on the business and the owner.

  • Strategic Planning 

    • Comprehensive questionnaires for all stakeholders

    • Definition of owner or partner goals

    • Determination of company or firm purpose SWOT Analysis

    • Prioritized strategic objectives

    • 5-year pro forma quantifying top and bottom line results

    • 3 sample project plans to tackle the prioritized objectives

  • Operating Budget

    • Create a business budget and adjust to overall goals

    • Analyze financial history and plan for upcoming revenue and expenses

    • Create and track actual to budget performance through a financial dashboard

  • Marketing Strategy

    • Strategic Marketing Session

    • Brand Strategy 

    • Graphic Design 

    • Copywriting 

    • Content Calendars 

    • Collateral Development 

    • Proposal Templates and Pricing 

    • Retention Strategies 

  • Staffing & HR

    • Manage staff meetings

    • Create job descriptions, scorecards, onboarding plans, capacity plans, commission models

    • Recruit and onboard team members

  • Digital Marketing

    • Social Media Management 

    • Web Design 

    • Ecommerce Strategy 

    • Paid Digital Promotions 

    • Email Marketing 


  • Systems & IT

    • Analyze IT needs

    • Select & Migrate to project management and practice management tools

  • Sales Management

    • Develop & relentlessly focus on use of sales pipelines & strategies

    • Utilize sales methodology

    • Select and adopt a CRM to track sales pipeline

  • Operations

    • Create and track KPIs through an operations dashboard

    • Implement Six Sigma and Lean operations processes

    • Streamline processes/procedures

    • Act as a sounding board

  • Finance

    • Create financial strategies & structures (Cost analysis & reduction, Cashflows, AR Collections system…)

    • Provide treasury services as needed

  • Team Management

    • Focus on a positive approach

    • Determine team members' profiles through personality assessment

    • Build and develop teams based on these profiles

  • Personal Goals

    • Develop personal long-term financial & management goals

    • Determine magic number & timeline

    • Develop sale/exit strategy

  • Thought Leadership

    • Train & motivate to write articles & blogs

    • Motivate to make media appearances

  • Sales Training

    • Develop Ideal Client and Ideal Referral Partner Profiles

    • Train all team members to act as members of the sales team

  • Company Management

    • Track key metrics

    • Track to strategic plan

    • Track to project plans

  • Training

    • Provide awareness of and training for systems that will increase company efficiency

Our Services



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